Proven firm advises on insurance, employment and regulatory matters

Our clients are visionaries. With over 110 years of experience, we help them achieve excellence. To many of our clients, we are outside general counsel. We are there to help prevent loss by taking proactive measures, and we are there to address legal issues when the need arises. We participate in government audits, negotiate contracts, monitor the defense of catastrophic claims, and oversee business and real estate transactions.

Our clients create jobs and opportunity. Through our intimate knowledge of our client’s business, our advice helps to increase productivity, reduce risk of loss and mobilize new ventures.

We make it our mission to understand how our clients operate, whether it’s running a cold storage, warehouse, motor carrier, equipment rental, broker, ocean intermediary, or food shipper. We understand inherent risk in operating a commercial vehicle, transporting a load of hazardous materials, and repairing heavy machinery is ever prevalent. We also work closely with our clients to develop plans to help improve safety and help ensure the continued viability of the company through reviewing insurance coverages and properly structuring their operations.

Our clients continually improve their business. With our strategic and developed litigation skill, we work to protect our clients both in and out of the courtroom.

When legal action is needed, we know the strain that it can have in business. We listen to our clients and work strategically toward the desired objective, working swiftly so that efforts can be redirected at business growth.

Our focus is to serve our clients through a diverse business and commercial law practice. We represent clients nationwide, and have offices located in Florida, Wisconsin and Illinois.