In the fast-paced and complex world of the transportation industry, including its maze of regulatory requirements and its everchanging market conditions, motor carriers, brokers, freight forwarders and other industry participants can lose sight of human resources issues which can lead to serious consequences.  At Blitch Westley Barrette, a significant portion of our practice is focused on assisting clients navigate the minefield of labor and employment issues that can so easily undermine what you have spent years building.  Today’s headlines are rife with stories of enormous verdicts that pose an existential threat to employers.  We are here to prevent your company from being part of that alarming trend.  We are also here to provide you with zealous representation if one of your former or current employees or independent contractors turns to the legal arena to address a dispute and puts your interests at risk.

HR Preventative Maintenance: Your Best Defense to Avoid the Courtroom

Blitch Westley Barrette is a champion of preventive maintenance in human resources compliance issues, each aspect of which is designed to keep you turning towards greater profit and keep you out of the courtroom.  You would not put off changing the oil in your power units for fear of catastrophic and costly failures.  Investing in expert legal advice in human resources compliance matters to combat high turnover, loss of employee morale and to avoid litigation is no different.

Key preventive maintenance areas include:

  • Sexual harassment and retaliation prevention training
  • Reviewing and preparing employment policies, employee manuals, and employee complaint mechanisms
  • FLSA and wage and hour compliance reviews and advice
  • Reviewing and preparing non-compete and non-solicitation agreements, independent contractor agreements, and equipment lease agreements
  • ADA and reasonable accommodation compliance and advice
  • Management EEO training
  • Rank and file employee EEO training
  • Providing day-to-day advice to employers in handling employee disciplinary matters and other key decisions that can so easily lead to unnecessary litigation

Aggressive Representation When the Rubber Meets the Road

Even with the best human resources strategies in place, litigation, government audits, and administrative actions in the labor and employment realm are sometimes unavoidable.  Blitch Westley Barrette is highly experienced in handing claims of discrimination and retaliation under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, interference and retaliation claims under the Family and Medical Leave Act, minimum wage and overtime claims under the Fair Labor Standards Act, whistleblower claims under federal and state law, in prosecuting claims for violation of non-competition and non-solicitation agreements, and in virtually every other aspect of the labor and employment law gamut.  Clients of Blitch Westley Barrette can rest assured that their litigation matter, EEOC investigation, wage and hour audit, or other matter will be skillfully and strategically handled, that they will be kept well-informed of the progress of the case, and that Blitch Westley Barrette will handle the heavy lifting so that the client can get back to running their business and achieving their goals.

Blitch Westley Barrette assists clients with a wide range of employment law issues across the United States. Please contact us to arrange a consultation. Our firm’s offices are located in Florida, Illinois and Wisconsin.